Tent Rentals

n addition to fending off inclement weather, event tents also help create an experience for your guests by providing a unique atmosphere. Tents drive excitement for expos and corporate events, and they allow outdoor weddings and concerts to have a comfortable space for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

EIS Group offers custom tent structures for events of all shapes and sizes.

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Tent Rentals for Any Occasion or Event

Weddings, Corporate Events, Government Functions, Concerts, Festivals & More!

Our tent solutions have you covered for any need, ranging from small tented canopies to elaborate and luxurious tents for formal occasions or corporate gatherings. Not only do we have event tenting for all sizes, but we also maintain a richly varied inventory of styles.

Options range from open and airy to enclosed and cozy, with numerous choices for colors, materials, interior fabrics, entrance methods, and every other minute detail.

EIS Group also builds custom tent solutions to suit our clients’ needs perfectly. Some outdoor venues simply have unusual dimensions, and every event is unique. Our advanced technology and expertise allow us to provide fully custom tent structures at affordable rates.

Our event tents include a variety of clear-span tents, tension tents, and other cutting-edge frame and pole tent structures with dependable performance and custom style.

Amenities & Services for Event Tenting

In addition to the tent itself, we also offer design and installation services for drapery, signage, and other key features that are part of the tent experience. We can even provide chairs, tables, and on-site utilities to create a comfortable, all-inclusive package. Ask us about other services we can provide with your tent rental:

Free Tent Rental Estimates

Let us know some details about the event space and purpose for the tent, and we will be happy to get you started with a free estimate.

Event Tent Rental with Full Installation Service

Hosting a backyard wedding reception? Throwing a large event at your university or a lavish event with a stage? Organizing a trade show?

EIS Group specializes in tents for any event, big or small, and we can help you pull off the event you desire and your attendees deserve.

Many specific factors and details need to happen simultaneously when it comes to tent for concerts, graduations, and corporate events alike, which is why you need a tent expert to handle all of your staging and ballasting requirements.

At EIS Group, we understand that event planning involves a lot of moving pieces. You need the tent rental to be taken care of professionally, on a tight schedule, and in coordination with other activities surrounding the event planning process.

Our team includes experts at the logistics and staging aspects of event planning, so we can always make sure to install your tent on time and with the highest quality of service. Whether you just want to rent the tent structure from us, or you would like us to provide additional event services, EIS Group will serve as a helpful, friendly partner that does everything you ask us to do.

After the event, our team will pick up and haul away every one of our pieces so you have nothing left to worry about.